Yuri and Nichkhun’s Caribbean Bay MV preview becomes a hot issue

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The couple scene between SNSD Yuri and 2PM’s Nichkhun for their Caribbean Bay CF has became a hot issue.

On the 20th, a new preview of their CF/MV was released of Nichkhun and Yuri together in a “hot” atmosphere that can even be said to cause a “puberty problem.”

There were several scenes that caused the public’s interest, especially those where Nichkhun put on body oil for Yuri, the party scene where Yuri showed off her strong body wave and although it was a short teaser, it has created more anticipation.
Netizens commented, “Those two are still young, is it alright for them to film such scenes?” and “It’s enough to just show healthy and bright images of themselves, why do they need to film such weird ‘hot’ scenes together like that. It’s so naughty that it doesn’t feek like a Caribbean Bay CF at all.”

In contrast, other fans have commented positively regarding the CF, saying things like, “Who cares if both of their bodies are good,” and “Yuri is pretty and Nichkhun is cool so what is the problem.”

The CABI MV collaborated between SNSD and 2PM is a clip based on the concept of “Who is hottest cabi?” It shows the love story and hot passions of young individuals in a dramatic story almost like a drama.

What do you guys think, is the clip really worth all the gossip?

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