Leeteuk is thinking about enrolling in the army next year

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Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk revealed his feelings about enlisting in the army sometime in the near future.

In a meeting with the press, he revealed, “If I want to appeal to the public, I definitely have to go through my time in the army.”

Leeteuk may look young but he’s actually already 28-years-old in Korean age. Most Korean male celebrities enlist when they’re around the age of 28-30. Most believe it’s a necessity to serve in the military because they don’t think it’s right when a celebrity tries to get out of going to the army. It’s part of the duty of being a man in Korea.

Leeteuk continued, “I’m thinking about going into the army next year. Either in the end of 2011 or in the beginning of 2012. I want to promote and work as much as I can and then go off to the army. When I return, I want to work as a Super Junior member again. If I keep working hard, I think I’ll be able to go far as a singer.”

He sure will. Troubled Super Junior member Kangin also has plans of joining the army some time later this year.

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owh...leeteuk....we will miss you....

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