SS501 Kim Hyun Joong will participate in the Cartier ‘LOVE DAY’ event

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10 celebrities joined Cartier Needy neighbor Event

‘LOVE DAY’ to convey the love of Cartier

Coming June 3 Cartier will be held a Exhibition for the charity to commemorate Cartier’s symbol for the occasion ”Cartier LOVE DAY”. This exhibition will be held for 11 days from June 4-June 13 in Seoul, Cheongdam Maison Cartier boutiques, is scheduled to deliver the message of love as a 4-year anniversary of Cartier’s LOVE DAY across the world, this year in Korea Cartier LOVE collection of special tribute to the spirit of love, trying to warm hearts containing 10 stars to do with Cartier together and the gains will be donated to International Organization IVI (International Vaccine Institute: International Vaccine Institute).

This exhibition is a charity representing the Cartier LOVE collection will be held a photo exhibition containing the natural look of the stars wore bracelet Summer Love (Love Summer Bracelet), Korean top star Rain (Jung Ji-hoon), Ji Jin-hee, Kim Hyun Joong, U-Know Yunho, Kim Hee Seon, Son Ye-jin, Yoon Ah, Yoon Eun Hye, and Ha Ji-won are celebrities that will be participated.

10 stars in unison to support the exhibition will be held approximately ten days at the Maison Cartier on the theme of ‘LOVE’ filled with beautiful music. For a variety of music, the presentation will be an atmosphere of being from each period of ‘love ‘of 3 famous musicians Beatles, to Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. There is a opportunity of appreciating the photograph of the star with the music which put in a love together.

The exhibition will be opened Fri, June 4 ~ Sun, June 13 from 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., there is no holiday in duration and is a space where there is a possibility anyone of enjoying conveniently.

During the specified year in June and Cartier LOVE DAY Summer of Love bracelet sale proceeds are donated to the International Vaccine Institute.

credits: 알리콘@SS601 + 베티 게천 들어봐요님 + (English Translation)
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