MBLAQ’s Lee Joon collapses during recording?

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon fainted during a recording for Shin Jung Hwan PD’s Variety World? Not quite what you expected of course but it was a semi-serious situation.

An episode that will air on the 25th featured MBLAQ as guests and Lee Joon was playing a game when he collapsed.

The mission was to eat some ice cream in a limited amount of time. Out of nowhere, he just fell on to the ground and laid down.

He said, “The ice cream was so cold. I felt like my head was gonna break.”

It turns out, he ate it so fast he got a brain freeze and they had to pause recording for a little while. Brain freezes could get pretty bad so watch out.

Lee Joon resumed recording after taking a breather. He joked, “It’s hard for an idol to go into variety.” It sure is.


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