Taecyeon gives Yoona a perfume present

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It was revealed that on the recent recording of Family Outing 2, 2PM’s Taecyeon had given SNSD’s Yoona a perfume gift to celebrate her Coming of Age day.

The two have been heavily rumored to be dating ever since being paired together as a couple for a MBC Gayo Daejun performance. Even though they have denied that they were dating, they just can’t avoid being put together, with the recent Caribbean Bay music video being just one example.

Yoona was noticeably surprised at receiving the perfume, “I have received lots of congratulatory message on Coming of Age day, but this is my first time receiving a present. I didn’t have any thoughts of receiving a present so it was touching.

The family members expressed, “There’s something strange about them. Are they really not dating?” to which Yoona replied “Now, I’m tired of explaining it.”

Looking like an epic episode with Heechul, Wonder Girls and now this. But you gotta wait a while as this will only air next Sunday on May 30th.


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jovita said...

when people want to realize that yoona is not a reality show girl...shes shy...not a good talker....and show of her pretty face.. i think she is the reason why d fo season2 rating lower than fo1....and taekyon..i like him but....but i think wooyoung more suitable for fo....taekyon...u can dance n u can act..and rap...but for reality show...u still got long way to go...n stop doing stupid joke that is not funny...love you taek!!!!

yukiko.hyunjae said...

wow..but among SNSD members, most of kpop sunbae think that Yoona will be the one that can go far in her career..Even HeeChul(suju), her senior said that he thinks Yoona will be one of the succesful kpop celebrity in the future.Why not?? She can sings, dance, acting and even hosting..Herm..taecyeon well i love seeing him in Cinderella's step sister..i think he act very well in the drama..well in reality show we just can't judge them with the rating given..because as we know, some of the scenes in the game show are scripted and edited by the director.. anyway, gud luck for both of them..

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