“Flower Boy” Kim Hyun Joong joined hand with “Hallyu Star” Bae Yong Joon
Kim Hyun-joong abandons renewing with DSP medias which did for the last 5 years together, moved to the agency Key EAst belonged to Bae Yong Joon and Lee Na-young. The Key East side said on the 29th “Steadily growing in popularity across Asia, Idol star Kim Hyun Joong enjoys leading the Asian cultural contents has signed an exclusive contract with Key East company.” and “While future in Japan, our subsidiary company DA (Digital Adventure, publicly traded companies in Japan) in cooperation with the management active support for international activities, Kim Hyun Joong will be conducting a variety of promotion along with DATV Asian Entertainment cable channel.”
Kim Hyun-joong after 2005 proper form making a debut with SS501 members, as leading Hallyu star is said has enjoyed hand-counted tremendous popularity in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong, etc. Especially, aired in early 2009 KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ take role in the F4 Yoon JiHoo debut as an actor, ‘Jihoo Sunbae Syndrome’ evokes has enjoyed a high popularity as a actor. And through the ceremony of MBC entertainment show “We Got Married” to make public the countenance which is human also earning the love of the feminine fans to one body.
Key East representative Yang Geunhwan said “With the potential to develop a variety as in both Singer and actor, will give you a better look with a fresh start.” and “In the meantime, in order to be the next generation of the hand-counted Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong in the Asian stage, to the development to be more specialized beyond the international entertainers and intensive support will not be spared”
Another official also said “Kim Hyun Joong but also the committed SS501 other team members who do not want to break as well. If there will be a willingness of the other members and music activities will continue to keep.“ and “And if we have good music, solo ideas will also open actively.”
Currently Kim Hyun-joong finishes SS501 album activities which are sold recently, The next appearance of the work is carefully reviewed.

S: nate
TRANS: ss501fighting.wordpress.com
credit: sookyeong

Nich Khun confesses, “When I look at females, I look at their legs first.”
2PM Nich Khun is on MBC SaeBaGwi set to air on 12th June where he asked, “Which body part do you look at first when you look at females” and his answer was “The legs”.
2PM JunHo’s answer to the question is “I look at the overall silhouette importantly.” HyunYeong who was also on the show said, “Because of Nich Khun, I appeared on this show.”
Meanwhile, on the show gagman Kim HyunChul gave an official apology to Nich Khun. Kim HyunChul was caught in criticisms when he joked about Nich Khun on SaeBaGwi aired last May.
He said, “I’m sorry for having too much greed to make the audience laugh. Actually I’m close to Nich Khun and he called me by hyung.”


After Jungmin and Kyujong leaves their messages in their official site, now it's baby turn to leave a message for lovely Double S & Triple S.. I guess they are still shocked with their winning stage this afternoon. Hopefully leader, Hyunnie & Saengie leave some messages too..

Really really happy

5 of us together with Triple S have achieved this valuable prize.

In the future, we will achieve more such prizes together right?

Thank you,

This is a wonderful night ^ ^

credits: DSP site
crazynoona(english translation)

Kyu Jong : We got Number 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ 2010-06-11, 9:24:51 PM

hh Pretties!! We got Number 1! Thank you ^^

Thanks to that.. I come to our homepage often~ Really thank you!!

baby let me love ya ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Heh.. eumm everyone has been fine right?!

There're also some who are facing the exam period now, right?! Study hard~~

Support hard for tomorrow's world cup too !! ^^ hehe

eumeum~ my condition wasn't in its best for today actually... T

hehe but it has disappeared already!! Thank you, really seriously..

Thank you ^^

The clock hanging in my room..

Until the day our Number 1 become the world's Number 1, we'll always be together side by side supporting...

There's such a vision from our pretties also,..^^ (it's 601's)

Always, before sleeping.. When awoken, I look at the clock and that reaffirms my heart!

We will definitely work hard and repay that!! Aja aja aja!!!

hehe.. Tomorrow is Music Core~~

Where HyunJoong-hyung and Kara dongsaengs are the MC, please remember to tune in~~ Heh ^^

Then, we'll see you tomorrow~~ Annyong annyong~~~ Thank you♡


Our TS got 1st!!

I know that it is not because we are good, is because TS put in lots of effort for us to get first!

So we must thank the fans lots and lots and lots and lots!!

But happy at the same time felt burdened, what is that? ^^

Why is that so~

Yeah, have to hurry sleep!!

Tomorrow still got one more stage...

Actually I already slept, suddenly thought of leaving a message~!

Everyone, good night

credits: -DSP site
-ode@ss501ode(English translation)

SS501 Park JungMin thinks that he is the force of the team.
Park JungMin was recently featured in SBS E!TV ‘E! Nwes Korea – Star Q10′ and he revealed that even though Kim HyunJoong is the leader, the real force of the team is actually himself.
He said, “In terms of personality, charisma and driving force, I’m the most outstanding. The other members will often change their words. But like many of you have noticed, the force of SS501 is me.”
Recently Park JungMin started his own online shopping mall. And he revealed the fan letters which were sent to his office.
The show is set to air on 9th June at 8pm.


Currently playing a make-believe couple on We Got Married, there’s a possibility that both Jo Kwon and Ga-In could become a real couple after their stint on the show ends.

During the broadcast of Come to Play on the 7th, they were asked if the other person (Jo Kwon/Ga-In) asks you out in real life, would you consider dating in real life. Both of them replied, “Yes.”

Jo Kwon revealed during the show that whenever there’s no recording or filming gets postponed, he would really miss Ga-In nuna. At this point, he would text her, “Nuna, do you miss me?” Ga-In would then reply, “I also miss you.”

Jo Kwon also added that he’s unlikely to revisit places that he has been to with Ga-In with his future girlfriend, leading to cheers from the others.

Ga-In said, “We can still meet even if there’s no recording. But the weird thing is, we don’t mention anything about that. Jo Kwon is an idol, so no matter what, I am still a bit scared regarding his fans. There were fans who left threatening messages on my Cyworld, that they won’t let me off if we become a real couple.”

To commemorate their 200th day of being with each other, the both of them kissed the hands of each other to mark the occasion.

credit: AKP

Big Bang DaeSung picks SS501 Kim HyunJoong as his rival.
On KBS 2TV ‘Late Night Variety Nocturnal’, DaeSung had made a surprise voice appearance on the show through Yoon JongShin’s phonecall. Yoon JongShin then tried to find a topic to keep the phone conversation going between DaeSung and SHINee Onew, and asked, “I’m next to your rival. Who do you think he is? Who is you rival amongst the idols?”
DaeSung answered, “Is he Kim HyunJoong?” Yoon JongShin then said, “You have aged much after all. This is fun.” And when asked, “Are there are rivals in SM members?” DaeSung answered with much variety sense, “SM, not yet. They are all wonderful people.”
Finally a conversation was established between Onew and DaeSung where they talked about musical appearances, however the awkwardness between the 2 is still obvious. The MCs also tried many ways to make the 2 idols closer by getting them to use causal language etc.


-0426stella for video

Singer Lee Hyori picks BEAST Yoo DooJoon as the junior idol who has caught her attention the most.
Lee Hyori was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on 5th June as guest appearance. And during the corner ‘Truthful Speed Quiz’, there ws a question ‘The junior idol who has caught your attention the most” and her answer to it was BEAST Yoon DooJoon.
As to why she picked Yoon DooJoon, Lee Hyori explained, “His appearance is my type of guy. I like guys with big eyes and no double eyelids.”
Also Lee Hyori also talked about her latest album, “The parts that I put in a lot of effort in was the thick eye makeup, not the vinyl pants or the feeler hair.”

S: MoneyToday StarNews
credit: sookyeong

credit:winkeunsuk & sheena0627

It has been revealed that Super Junior KyuHyun’s surgery for middle ear infection has ended successfully and he is currently resting after the surgery.
He underwent surgery for middle ear infection on 3rd June in a hospital in Seoul. According to a SM rep, after the surgery, KyuHyun will need to rest for about 3~4 days at the hospital, “KyuHyun is resting after the surgery which was a success. He will be under examination for 3~4 days in the hospital and he should be discharged from the hospital on Sunday.”
With that, he will not be showing up for KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core. And Super Junior will have to promote their comeback title song ‘Bona Mana’ as 9 members for the time being.


Kim HeeChul has once again expressed interests for WonderGirls SoHee.
Kim HeeChul was on MBC FM4U ’2pm Date with Park MyungSoo’ when he was asked, “Is there anyone whom you are interested in?”. His answer was, “I don’t like it that when people are asked such a question they answer that they like everyone. I like being honest. I like female singers like 4Minute, Secret and After School – those who have the cutesy image lately. Awhile ago, WonderGirls returned to Korea and I saw SoHee. She is really someone whose cuteness is just overwhelming. Usually I’m someone who is alright with most females, but SoHee is just really cute.”
Already before this, Kim HeeChul had expressed his interests for SoHee on different variety shows like SBS Family Outing and MBC Come To Play.
Netizens’ comments are “SoHeeChul is just compatible. It’s good if they date”, “He really only like her as a fan?”, “It seems that he really likes her. Cute” etc.

S: SportsChosun


what do you think of this video??

Group T-Max ropes in composer Super ChangDdaEe for the new album.
Super ChangDdaEe is the composer and lyricist for T-Max’s new song ‘Don’t Be Rude’ off their upcoming 1st full length album ‘Born To The Max’. The MV teaser was released on 1st June, and fans get a sneakpeek into the song with strong beats and electronic sound.
Another song which was revealed beforehand on 28th May, titled ‘Can Do For Me’, is also composed by Super ChangDdaEe. This composer is known for composing previous hits like 2PM ‘I Hate You’, ‘Tired Of Waiting’ and 2AM ‘Sorry I Can’t Smile For You’. With a hit maker roped in for their new album, T-Max also undergo transformation into a 4-member pretty boy group with new members Joo ChanYang and Park HaBi joining the group recently, as well as trying a new genre of music for their comeback.
The full song to ‘Don’t Be Rude’ will be revealed on 3rd June.

credit: sookyeong

It was revealed that TVXQ’s Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun have recently set up a celebrity soccer team called MEN and their players also include SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Song Joong Ki among others.

It’s known that Junsu and Hyun Joong had been the moving force towards creating this soccer team and the former will also become the team’s captain.

Junsu and Hyun Joong are famed for having a deep affection for the sport. Junsu had formed a soccer team back in 2006 with other SME singers while Hyun Joong have been spotted playing soccer many times with friends. Hyun Joong even went for the El Classico game in April while working in Spain.

The formation of this pretty boys soccer team has generated a lot of interest, whose looks can certainly attract an army of female fans to support them during matches. There are plans to enter the team into the celebrities football league next time (missed deadline for 2010) and also participate in public service activities.

Many thanks to jackuon for the tip.
credit: CASPER

Male quintet SS501 released their Destination mini-album last week and just recently unveiled the music video for their title track Love Ya. The boys are scheduled to make their live comeback later this week and it’s been reported that they’ve been working endlessly to prepare.

Fans have already been going crazy over the latest mini-album and its title track, but SS501 still has yet to make their live comeback and many are eagerly awaiting that event.

It’s been 7 months since their last hit Love Like This and the boys want to ensure that they’ll be in top notch form when they make their return to the stage. It’s been revealed that ever since the Dream Concert, the members of SS501 have been practicing their routine day and night so that they can deliver a magnificent performance.

It’s awfully sweet that the boys are working their bones for the fans. So don’t let their effort go to waste and be sure to tune in to allkpop on June 4th for their live stage comeback on Music Bank!!


Singers Kim Hyeon-cheol, Insooni, Kim Gook-hwan, musical star Im Tae-gyeong, and actor Jang Geun-seok have been attracting attention for making very generous donations... of their talents.

According to Kim Hyeon-cheol's representatives on the 31st, Kim, along with a few other stars, will be participating in an album titled "Dreams, Giving Them Wings" aimed at spreading love to the underprivileged.?Kim was the head producer over the entire album and worked with stars such as singer Insooni, actor Jang Geun-seok, popera star Im Tae-gyeong, and a singer seen on "Super Star K" -- Korea's version of American Idol.

Insooni, who's been making waves with her song "Dream of a Goose" will be putting her own spin on the song "Dreams, Giving Them Wings", similar to Jang Geun-seok who arranged a medium tempo version for himself. Not surprisingly, Im Tae-gyeong sung the same song in a popera version, true to form. The partially blind singer Kim Gook-hwan also made a couple original versions: one with the help of ordinary people and the other with the help of children.

The album "Dreams, Giving Them Wings" will be released on music sites in July. All proceeds will be going to the children of low-income families to better their education and lifestyles.

source: KBS

Girlgroup After School eldest member GaHee will release her solo album.
This was revealed on 1st June at 11am when the girls appeared for the brunch party to their essay book ‘Play Girlz’.
GaHee said during the brunch party, “Even though it is different from group activities, it is like the aim of a singer. I am preparing for the solo activities with vocal training and acting lessons.”
To come, the After School will be promoting as 2 unique trios and solo from this month. Nothing has been revealed as to how the remaining members will be regrouped into the unique trios.

credit: sookyeong

It seems that there is an idol group fever going on on music charts.
According to music site Monkey3 weekly chary, for the 4th week of May (24th~30th May), WonderGirls ’2 Different Tears’ is up #1 for the 2nd week through. Earlier this year, songs like ‘Oh!’ by So Nyeo Shi Dae, ‘Try To Be Like Me’ by 2NE1 and ‘We Fell In Love’ by Jo Kwon and GaIn were also up #1 for 2 weeks. And now WonderGirls ’2DT’ is another song who won #1 for 2 weeks on the chart.
At #2 is C.N Blue ‘Love’, which went up 9 rankings from last week. Another song that went up the chart rankings is MBLAQ with ‘Y’ which went up 4 positions to be at #4. SS501′s new song ‘Love Ya’ entered the chart for the week at #15 while Davichi ‘Please Stop The Time’ fell to #3.
Monkey3 contents team leader Lee JungKyu said, “We see that there will be a good fight between idol groups for the top rankings on the chart.”


2PM's Thai member Nichkhun and f(x)'s Chinese member Victoria formed a fake couple.

The couple of two idols has already filmed an epiode for popular MBC variety program "We got married" (WGM).

According to the officials, they had their first filming on June 1st.

Meanwhile, even though there have been many idol couples on WGM, this is the first time when both partners are foreigners. It is expected that they will show a type of charm different from all the other couples who have appeared on WGM.

Currently WGM is broadcasted with two couples - 2AM's Jo Kwon & Gain of Brown Eyed Girls, and CNBlue's Yonghwa with SNSD's Seohyun. Nichkhun and Victoria will show in between this kind of context.

Source:Newsen | Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways
credit: dkpopnews

01. 东方神起(TVXQ): 775,940 ↓1607
02. Bigbang: 359,233 ↓ 1192
03. 少女时代(SNSD):304,021 ↑ 714
04. SS501: 265,415 ↑7928
05. 2PM: 229,774 ↓ 3100
06. Super Junior: 197,264 ↑ 3
07. Shinee: 117,693↑ 275
08. 神话(Shinhwa): 115,313↓ 270
09. FT Island: 107,495↓ 405
10. Wonder girls: 107,384 ↑ 33
11. BEAST: 100,152↑ 9464
12. 2ne1: 95,922 ↓ 220
13. MBLAQ: 74,770 ↑4126
14. 2AM: 60,550 ↑ 249
15. f(x): 60,108↑ 2384
16. Kara: 55,398 ↑240
17. Brown Eyed Girls: 44,793 ↑ 73
18. Seeya: 43,278 ↓117
19. T-ara: 27,196 ↑ 679
20. CNBLUE: 26,792 ↑2718
21. ZE:A: 21,971 ↑452
22. 4minute: 21,121 ↑1477
23. After school: 17,026↑ 456
24. 超新星(Choshinsung/Supernova): 13,561 ↓5690
25. 天上智喜(CSJH The Grace): 12,927↓ 20624
26. Davichi: 10,333 ↑ 25
27. SECRET: 5,320 ↓10147
28. U-kiss: 3,838 ↑433
29. Infinite: 3,614
30. 大国男儿(D-NA): 3,558 ↑89
31. F.CUZ: 3,278 ↑73 source: Mystery Beast ★ Taiwan B2uty Club + Pretty 少女时代台湾首站

translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: - OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
- dkpopnews

A Korean pop concert held yesterday at the Expo Culture Center caused something of a stampede – reports of how bad it got vary, from the Epoch Time’s rumor that someone died to Shanghai Daily’s blithe announcement that the streets were “blocked by fans.”
If anything, this event was a warning about the power of K-pop: South Korea had planned a “classical and pop” concert that included insanely huge acts – Kangta, BoA and Super Junior, whose Shanghai shows sell out at 10,000+ seated stadiums each year they come. They’re so insanely huge that it almost makes you wonder what organizers were thinking when they arranged that show.
To get in, all you supposedly had to do was get an Expo ticket and line up at the center, an act which, if you’re a student, costs 90RMB. That’s way less than the Super Junior 2009 show’s ticket prices at Yuan Shen Sports Center, where the cheapest you could get in for was 480RMB. Unfortunately, there were only 5000 tickets available, and half of those had already been given to South Korean groups – a fact that eager Chinese K-pop fans hadn’t been made aware of.
By midnight on Saturday, according to Lianhe Zaobao, there were already 2000 people waiting outside the Expo’s Pudong door. Night watch people were blindsided. By the time the limited amount of tickets sold out (The Standard reports there were less than 500), roughly 5000 people were waiting around.
When the crowd realized all tickets were gone, they began to get violent. A witness on the internet said that “several girls were stepped on and over by several guys. So messy, so messy, All the crying and yelling turned into one big wave. There were so many shoes. One girl even fell from the second floor.” The original post has already been harmonized on Tianya. Lianhe says the rumor that this girl died hasn’t been confirmed, though Hong Kong’s Apple Daily seems to be reporting it as fact (watch the YouTube video in that link or below, it has some images of police guards frantically running to contain the crowd).
What they both agree on is that hundreds of people were injured, whether from the pushing and shoving or from heatstroke. The Expo official report itself said that “In the event, several tourists suffered from heatstroke and abrasions and were rushed to nearby medical facilities at the park.” That’s a little more than “blocked by fans,” isn’t it?
Which actually makes me wonder – it seems that Shanghai Daily is still the only China-based paper that’s picked up on the news and their version was way more sanitized than the dozens of Mandarin reports in Chinese media. It almost feels like Chinese media controllers, for the first time I’ve noticed, are more scared about what the outside world thinks than what their own people think.

source: Shanghaiist
credits: sookyeong

Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed a surprising past between him and the Wonder Girls’ Sunye.

In the most recent recording of Yoo Jae Seuk and Kim Won Hee’s Come to Play, five Super Junior members and the Wonder Girls were guests.

At one point, Leeteuk asked Sunye, “Do you remember oppa?”

He explained himself, “Sunye auditioned through a TV show. I’ve been a fan of her since. When that show was over, I saw her at a hamburger place and my heart was beating so fast.”

That’s kind of hilarious to imagine considering the fact that at the time, she was in elementary school and he was in high school. Pedobear approves!

The episode airs on the 31st.


On the recent episode of We Got Married, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga-In expressed her jealousy towards Yonghwa and Seohyun’s couple ring.

When Ga-In brought up the topic of getting a couple ring, her on-screen hubby Jo Kwon just pretended to ignore her.

She revealed in an interview, “I could buy it myself if I wanted to, but I don’t think Kwon wants to buy one,” and that “He probably thinks I am wealthy.”

She continued, “Honestly, it is impossible to not be compared with the YongSeo couple now that they bought their couple ring.” It looks like Jo Kwon really needs to step it up on this one.


Despite its cast of popular idols like 2PM’s Taecyeon, SNSD’s Yoona and 2AM’s Jo Kwon, Family Outing 2 has struggled with decent viewership and failed to pull through high ratings.

However, a recent turn of events gave the show the spark it desperately needed.

The episodes aired on the 16th and 23rd raked in 11% and 14.2% viewership respectively, marking progressive improvement in the show’s rating.

Furthermore, the most recent episode, which guest starred international superstars the Wonder Girls, ratings for Family Outing 2 reached an all-time high of 22%.

One of the producers of Family Outing 2 stated, “Because Family Outing 1 received consistently high ratings until the last episode, we acknowledged that creating Family Outing 2 from scratch would be flawed in its own ways. There was great concern that all the viewers would abandon the show. However, we are very thankful that, little by little, people are watching the show again.”

As evident through the ratings the pop quintet brought in with their guest appearance on Family Outing 2, the Wonder Effect is still very much alive in Korea.

credits: WonderFul