Wonder Girls boost Family Outing 2 ratings to 22%

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Despite its cast of popular idols like 2PM’s Taecyeon, SNSD’s Yoona and 2AM’s Jo Kwon, Family Outing 2 has struggled with decent viewership and failed to pull through high ratings.

However, a recent turn of events gave the show the spark it desperately needed.

The episodes aired on the 16th and 23rd raked in 11% and 14.2% viewership respectively, marking progressive improvement in the show’s rating.

Furthermore, the most recent episode, which guest starred international superstars the Wonder Girls, ratings for Family Outing 2 reached an all-time high of 22%.

One of the producers of Family Outing 2 stated, “Because Family Outing 1 received consistently high ratings until the last episode, we acknowledged that creating Family Outing 2 from scratch would be flawed in its own ways. There was great concern that all the viewers would abandon the show. However, we are very thankful that, little by little, people are watching the show again.”

As evident through the ratings the pop quintet brought in with their guest appearance on Family Outing 2, the Wonder Effect is still very much alive in Korea.

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