Nich Khun, “When I look at women, I look at their legs first”

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Nich Khun confesses, “When I look at females, I look at their legs first.”
2PM Nich Khun is on MBC SaeBaGwi set to air on 12th June where he asked, “Which body part do you look at first when you look at females” and his answer was “The legs”.
2PM JunHo’s answer to the question is “I look at the overall silhouette importantly.” HyunYeong who was also on the show said, “Because of Nich Khun, I appeared on this show.”
Meanwhile, on the show gagman Kim HyunChul gave an official apology to Nich Khun. Kim HyunChul was caught in criticisms when he joked about Nich Khun on SaeBaGwi aired last May.
He said, “I’m sorry for having too much greed to make the audience laugh. Actually I’m close to Nich Khun and he called me by hyung.”


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