SS501 is practicing non-stop for their live comeback

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Male quintet SS501 released their Destination mini-album last week and just recently unveiled the music video for their title track Love Ya. The boys are scheduled to make their live comeback later this week and it’s been reported that they’ve been working endlessly to prepare.

Fans have already been going crazy over the latest mini-album and its title track, but SS501 still has yet to make their live comeback and many are eagerly awaiting that event.

It’s been 7 months since their last hit Love Like This and the boys want to ensure that they’ll be in top notch form when they make their return to the stage. It’s been revealed that ever since the Dream Concert, the members of SS501 have been practicing their routine day and night so that they can deliver a magnificent performance.

It’s awfully sweet that the boys are working their bones for the fans. So don’t let their effort go to waste and be sure to tune in to allkpop on June 4th for their live stage comeback on Music Bank!!


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