Jung Yonghwa has been reading a lot because of Seohyun

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With their upcoming new album, rock band idol group CNBLUE recently revealed their transformed charismatic self in the June edition of Singles.

In the photo shoot, the members are shown with heavy smoky makeup and a chic expression to show off a bad boy image.

CNBLUE’s maknae member Lee Jung Shin said in an interview regarding their new album, “Like the first album, this album has a punky rock feel, but there are also fresh songs that match with the summer season. It is overall very bright and clear.”

Leader Jung Yonghwa added, “It [album] consists of songs that are easy and rhythmical so they are good to sing along to. Moreover, because we have personally composed and wrote some of these songs, this album is more precious to us,” showing a particular affection for their new album.

About how they became sudden stars soon after releasing the first album I’m A Loner back in January, Jung Yonghwa responded, “I still don’t think the album went well. Although the first start was very good, our goal is for the band culture in Korea to be stable and loved through us.”

When Yonghwa was asked what he does for leisure during his spare time, he replied unexpectedly, “I received a lot of influence lately from wife Seohyun so I’ve been reading a lot of books.” Jung Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun are a make-believe couple on the MBC reality show We Got Married.


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i watch the ep we got married where yonghwa give book report to seohyun.. he need to write about the book that they buy together when they dating at bookstore.. hehehehe

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