The 501Day!!!

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annyonghaesaeyo!!!wassup guys?? hope you guys doing pretty fine today..yeah..most probably you guys keep on asking what was that with '501Day'?? okay..let me explain briefly about is actually a big day for my beloved kpop group "ss501" which the number is representing the date today (1st may)..hoho..besides that "501" also representing the unite of 5 men in one entity(SS501)..wooosh!!! For your information, today they are suppose to make their comeback..hoho..after making their successful comeback last september (album REBIRTH) with their revamped image of sexiness, these guys are now back with more darker concept..whoops!! i guess the new concept look a little bit creepy but still, they look SUPER DUPER HOT as always(especially LEADER)..awww..i like!!!hahah..unfortunately, due to some issues they have decided to delay their album and no confirmation date is set for the time being..but the release date most probably will be within this guys, just be patient and wait for the surprise.. and guess WHAT???i'm SO SO EXCITED too!!!here are some photos of their new concept which was released by DSP media in their website..they shouldn't cover their BEAUTIFUL & CHARMING FACE with that creepy MASK anyway. So, just CHECK IT OUT!!!

Leader-Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyung Jun
Park Jung Min
Kim KyuJong
Heo Young Saeng

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