SS501 has found their “Destination”!!!

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“UR Men” are ready @ almost ready for preordering.

Ok, so you can not personally order the boys, but I know you want to. Their upcoming album “Destination” will be available online for preorder, May 24th. Even before you see their official comeback, you can own the new mini-album! The track list for the super short mini-album was announced recently. The special edition will have two different kinds of photo books. The handsome boy band will be dressed normally in one and wear European fashions in the other. The regular version will have the guys in a basic white concept and a manly,attractive black concept. You can not wait, huh? Well, you have to. Double S’s name is the essence of waiting.

So until then, here are the list of songs we waited “forever” for:

Track 1~ Let me be the one
Track 2~ Love Ya (Title Song)
Track 3~ Crazy for you
Track 4~(Is eternal) - Lyrics by Young Saeng

credit: popseoul

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