Jung Yonghwa admitted to hospital after We Got Married recording

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Fatique has once again struck another K-pop star and this time it’s CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa.

It was reported that Jung Yonghwa has just completed filming for We Got Married with Seohyun on the 24th, when he complained of dizziness and subsequently collapsed due to fatique. He was immediately taken to hospital for treatment.

A representative expressed, “Jung Yonghwa had only just recovered from his vocal cord nodule and then had to rehearse a lot in preparation for CNBlue’s new album. He also developed a cold and was probably overwhelmed with fatique. He is now receiving treatment for his vocal cord nodule which reportedly worsened.”

Yonghwa’s condition will mean that the scheduled recording for Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook on the 25th will now have to be canceled. Schedules scheduled for the rest of the week will be decided, depending on Yonghwa’s speed of recovery.

The representative ended by saying, “We will listen to the doctor’s advice and give Yonghwa a break if needed. We will adjust CNBlue’s future schedules accordingly..”

He was already sick before the comeback but push ahead with the schedule. And after four back-to-back performances starting with M! Countdown and ending with Inkigayo and who knows what else, he has finally succumbed to fatique. Let’s hope he does get some good rest and it’s a shame because the album is really good and the comeback should probably be delayed. Health is more important though.

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