Big Bang GDragon acting violence against member SeungRi???

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There was an explosion of interest among fans after a video snippet of Big Bang’s Shouting Korea video with Kim Yuna was uploaded on the 21st.

The snippet titled “G-Dragon beating Seungri” had showed Seungri sitting just behind G-Dragon as they acted out a cheering scene. But amidst the excitement, Seungri accidentally hit G-Dragon and this resulted in the latter shooting him an annoyed look and elbowing him back twice.

YG Entertainment expressed, “There is really nothing sinister, and they are known as Tom and Jerry and are used to playing around to the point of annoying each other. The fans are aware of their relationship.”

Netizens commented, “They looked really serious,” “Kim Yuna was a bit taken aback,” “Overreacting again, they are just playing around,” “It isn’t right to hit him,” “They are in the same group right?” “This is the work of antis right?”

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